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lbackup is a java backup utility providing file level data deduplication: If a file is stored, it will never be stored a second time unless the file's content has changed. Instead, a reference to the previously stored file data is created. This holds true even if the file is moved and renamed, or if two files with the same content are backed up.

The first version of lbackup is released.

Visit the project home page for downloading. The most up-to-date documentation of the tool can be found as Open Office document in SVN here (ODT), and the PDF documentation of the released version is also available from here (PDF).


SVN revision #506
released as version 1
on 2010-02-19 contains
2657 lines of code in
. 57 classes and 
.. 6 interfaces


"jut" --- java utility classes

As a byproduct of developing a good java backup application, a number of useful java utility classes have emerged. I hope other java developers can benefit from these classes, so I'm publishing them here separately from the backup application.

JAVADOCS: "jut" --- java utility classes

How to get: "jut" --- java utility classes: Use SVN to check out the sources from .

2009-10-19: 24 classes/interfaces

2009-09-13: 15 classes/interfaces

2009-09-08: first publication of the dedicated "jut" package, 7 classes/interfaces.



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